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In three, two, one the world will end. Or rather the world will have just begun. It’s hard to tell time when your already dead. Your entire life is just a ticker counting down till the second you die. There will be no choices; you will have but one: to oblige death and accept your fate.

They say life flashes before your eyes when you’re on the verge of death. I don’t see anything. Did I miss it? Am I already dead? Or maybe this thought is the life that flashes before your eyes. What a waste, a pity, a shame that I would waste my most precious moments. No, my eyes open. My dream is over.

I am a waste of life. My life is wasted potential, a deadbeat, I live for no reason. No family, no friends, no companions. I am alone, with only my thoughts and soul. Even they have lost their glamour. No, all wrong, that’s all wrong. That must just be a memory of a movie I saw last night.

Let me tell you about the real life I live. I was a man that could handle everything, and a man that could have anything. I dread the very sound of a phone, and as such have removed them from my sight. Its ring reminds me of the voice, shrill and weak, that would tell me news of horror. A single person, in this case a driver, would be able to topple my entire world. In the time it takes for one to take a breath of air, my entire family was gone, dead.

Now I live alone, I am alone. I no longer live my life and merely try to live through movies or stories of others. I am a lonely wanderer seeking solitude in far lands. No, I’m wrong once more. That wasn’t the sound of a car crash or the ring of a phone. My life isn’t ending, at least not yet. My family is alive in the other room merrily living. I must be delusional, and everything must not be real.

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