It is widely thought that demonic possesion must first begin with a haunting. The demon must first enter the home of the possessee.

Demons can posess any living creature.

These are the "main" causes of demonic possesion:

  • Obsession by a demon with a mortal.
  • Obsession with the ocult.
  • Magic use.
  • Sinful nature.
  • Weak personality.


  • Drastic behavior change.
  • Pale Complexion.
  • Knowledge of exotic languages: i.e.: Latin, Aramaic...
  • Aversion to the Bible.
  • Supernatural Strength.
  • Knowledge past one's own personal memory: i.e.: Ancient texts, Legends, People, Events.
  • Change in voice tone.

    I don't even believe in demons, persay. I believe that it can't be disproved, so I say nothing on the subject. What I do say is: Nothing scares me half-as-much as the thought of a possessed person near me. Or, people possessed by an evil not able to be defeated. It creates a lump in my throat. It's the look in a stranger's eye, "almost like they know you... deep down", and the slight curl of the corner of a mouth, showing unearthly evil beneath... demon.

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