Dickheads are a brand of matches launched by the legendary Australian company Dick Smith Foods in 1999, obviously as a competitor to Redheads Matches, who belong to the Swiss now. He somehow managed to do this without a murmur of protest, where normally you would expect to see self-righteous protest groups arguing that there are more than enough dickheads in supermarkets as it is, thank you very much.

While at first they seemed to be completely silent about the name - sort of a "why, we didn't even NOTICE that, what a sick, dirty little mind you must have to spot that" challenge - they have embraced their monopoly on the right to publically call people dickheads without any protests. Hence, there is now a whole range of shirts, aprons, stubby holders and more articles with "DICKHEAD" written on them in large, bold letters. These usually have the happy subtitle:

"We love our dickheads but you’d have to be a real dickhead to let our Aussie brands disappear overseas. A protest from Dick Smith Foods."

For your own dickhead experience, meander over to http://www.dicksmithfoods.com.au/dsf/index.php?d=main&p=matches

Nodeshell filled. Or possibly destroyed. It's debatable.

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