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A term used to identify arguments over some object, or more accurately who's got the biggest/best object. I shouldn't have to tell you how and where it originates from.

It can occur among any group of people and about any object. True to its wording, however, it strangely almost always refers to males only. Or maybe I haven't been around enough females. Probably just the testosterone.

Examples include cars, shoes, stereos, apartments, intelligence, money and the like. As we rapidly evolve into a world of technology, dicksize wars are often seen covering computers, monitors, CPUs, and most often, video cards. There are even people who think penis size is measured by their video card. This leads to crazy technological developments in itself.

Granted, the occasional argument over who has the best such and such is acceptable, but my god they're everywhere.

I've heard women use the term. Specifically, back when I was reading the largely but not completely female-populated Usenet newsgroup alt.sexual.abuse.recovery (long ago before it was overrun by spammers), I remember a female asarian referring to "abuse dicksizing" (people comparing their own stories to those of others and deciding whose experience had been worst), which was not much approved of in a support group that was for all abuse survivors.

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