Another one of the musical terms applying to percussion that sound dirty but really aren't, diddling the flam refers to making the single stroke (non-grace note) part of the flam a double time double stroke. Example:

Flam Accent, in triplets, flam on first note, accented-

 >             |   >              ||
(Rl)  l   r    |  (Lr)   r    l   ||
               |                  ||
|____ 3 ____|      |____ 3 ____|

Then, the accented note with the flam is diddled as well as accented:

  >               |    >                ||
({RR}l)  l   r    |  ({LL}r)   r    l   ||
                  |                     ||

Diddling the flam may also be referred to as cheeses, cheese dogs or flamals. Also see Inverted Cheese Chewbaccadiddles Off The Left Hand for a more advanced concept.

The true measure of any drumline worth their salt is if the whole line including tenors, snare and basses can play cheese flam taps and flam drags cleanly. And also they don't suck.

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