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More generically, "a three-dimensional miniature scene" (American Heritage Dictionary).

In elementary school we learned about historical periods, classic books, and other cultures by building dioramas in shoeboxes.

See classic Simpsons episode where Ralph Wiggum wins the class diorama contest:
"I beat the smart kids! I beat the smart kids!... What's a diorama?

Diorama is Silverchair's 4th album, released in 2002. The tracklisting is :

  1. Across the Night
  2. The Greatest View
  3. Without You
  4. World Upon Your Shoulders
  5. One Way Mule
  6. Tuna in the brine
  7. Too much of Not Enough
  8. Luv Your Life
  9. The Lever
  10. My Favourite Thing
  11. After All These years

This album marks a fairly significant change in the band's style, veering closer to pop as opposed to their initial grunge.

Di`o*ra"ma (?), n. [Gr. to see through; = through + to see; cf. that which is seen, a sight: cf. F. diorama. Cf. Panorama.]


A mode of scenic representation, invented by Daguerre and Bouton, in which a painting is seen from a distance through a large opening. By a combination of transparent and opaque painting, and of transmitted and reflected light, and by contrivances such as screens and shutters, much diversity of scenic effect is produced.


A building used for such an exhibition.


© Webster 1913.

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