A traditional African drum, generally carved out of the trunk of a tree.

Other characteristics of the djembe include a shape like a wine goblet and a drum head made of goatskin. Two circles of steel keep the skin in place at the top, while ropes zigzagged between the top and another steel circle towards the bottom of the goblet's basin stretch the skin to the proper tautness. These ropes are called the "verticals". In order to adjust the tightness of the skin, the player undertakes an activity called pulling diamonds, in which another piece of rope is woven through the verticals, causing them to tighten up.

The djembe hails from West Africa. Among the various drums of Africa, the djembe has one of the clearest voices. Played skillfully, it demonstrates a large tonal range, from its bass note up to its highest slap. It is used as a solo instrument within many drum ensembles.

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