The dollar pound is the common currency far in the future of the British TV series Red Dwarf.

Lister dreams of riches, and those dreams are in dollar pounds. In one episode, he gets some mail - not bad considering he is floating, lost, in space. The letter shows that he had $£0.06 (six penny cents) in his bank account when he left with the Jupiter Mining Corporation) to seek fame and fortune. Given his extended 30,000 year stasis nap, this has blown out to MILLIONS of dollar pounds due to compound interest and growth.

His dreams of his paradise in Fiji are ruined when, ironically, a SECOND lot of mail arrives. This is from the local electricity provider - apparently he left a single light bulb on at his house, and the accumulated cost of that tiny drain, with of course charges, fees and interest, are those millions of dollar pounds.

In a separate episode, Lister needs to save the universe by playing pool (billiards) with some outlying planets. Kryten and Rimmer think he is mad when he refuses to let Starbug's ship-board computer calculate the shot. His hilarious quote is: "They used to call me Cinzano Bianco Lister - once you got me on a pool table, you couldn't get me off!" He then proceeds to drink six cans of lager and smoke a pack of cigs...

To put his crewmates at ease, he follows this extravagant claim with "This arm is as sound as a dollar pound..." alluding to the relative strength of the Earth currency, and his dubious pool playing ability...

He makes the shot, slamming all four planets and plugging the black hole and white hole that threatens the crew. This of course destroys each of the planets, and although he could have just used one, he was doing a trick shot. My favourite Red Dwarf quote comes from this - Rimmer, commenting on this shot: "You jammy goit!"

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