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Dysphemism for the motorcycle coined by doctors, nurses, and ER personnel who have learned that motorcycles provide a reliable source of dead organ donors. Some doctors might cynically appreciate having a fresh heart to give to the dying child in the transplant ward, but often they're frustrated by the task of trying to sew these people back together.

Patients do live sometimes, though; in such cases, donorcycles serve as a wonderful source of income for physical therapists and neuropsychologists who study the effects and treatment of head injuries. I can't count the number of case studies I've read that begin "Mr. X is a 24-year-old man who was riding his motorcycle without his helmet when he lost control and flew off headfirst into a tree." The scientific literature owes a lot to these people.

Hey, it's your life--live it however you want--but know the risks.

Drive safely.

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