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A menu item sold by Tricon's Taco Bell fast food restaurants. The double decker tacos are the siamese twins of mexican food in that they contain both a soft taco and a hard taco. The hard taco is placed inside a soft tortilla shell, with only a layer of refried beans seperating the two.

Nutrition Information, courtesy of Taco Bell's website:

Serving Ounces:5.75
Calories from Fat:150
Total fat (grams):17 Daily Value: 26%
Saturated Fat (grams): 5 Daily Value: 24%
Cholesterol (mgs): 30 Daily Value: 10%
Sodium: 740 Daily Value: 31%
Carbohydrates: 43 Daily Value: 14%
Dietary Fiber: 9 Daily Value: 37%
Sugars: 2
Protein: 15

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