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A move in sleight of hand card magic whereby 2 or more cards can be lifted and presented as one card. A simple magic trick using the double lift can be practiced with any standard deck.

Hold a pack of cards like any card dealer would. Use the thumb of that same hand to slightly push off the top card enough that you can push off the second card. You should have 2 cards slightly hanging over the deck. If you're a skillful magician you would've used your pinky and middle finger to lift the cards up slightly. You have just taken two cards with one hand and brought them so close together that they can be easily handled and presented as a single card. Use the thumb and middle finger of your second hand to lift the 2 cards, pressing enough with your first and pinky fingers around the edges of the card so that no card sticks out more than another. (This is to keep the audience from seeing that you are actually handling two cards as one). If you do this quick and smoothly, it will appear as though you merely lifted a single card off the top of the deck (in reality, you have lifted 2). Show the audience the "single" card, (which is really the face of the second card), have them remember it and place it back on top of the deck. All you need to do is show the audience the top card (present this however you wish), and it will appear as though the card which you just presented has changed!

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