Manchester band. In 2000 doves released their debut album, 'Lost Souls', to critical acclaim. The folowup, 'The Last Broadcast', released in 2002 has been nominated for the prestigious Mercury Music Prize.

The members of doves, Jimi Goldwin and twins Jez and Andy Williams formed Sub Sub in the early nineties. They met in the hacienda, acid house mecca of the day. Sub Sub was a dance band who had a hit with 'Ain't no Love(Ain't no Use)'. They employed guest vocalists such as Bernard Sumner. Disaster struck when their studio was destroyed by fire. The master tape of the second Sub Sub album was destroyed. This event was the catalyst for the dissolution of Sub Sub and a change in musical direction.

The three then reformed as doves. Their new sound was more indie than dance and they collaborated with Damon Gough aka Badly Drawn Boy. They released 'The Cedar Room' and 'Here it comes' as EP's. Lost Souls is a masterpiece of dense, swirling guitars and imaginative production.

doves should be written in lower case and without a preceding definite article

I will never understand why doves are used to describe beauty in people. They are glorified pigeons - which are lovely, but you don’t hear or read someone describing their lover’s feet or face as being like a “gentle pigeon”

And why would you describe feet as “white doves”? I hear than and I think “wait... so really I have four super tiny feet, two on each leg?? How is that beautiful???”

Or maybe it’s been a long day and I over think things...

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