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It was the first inception of my idea for a fluid neural network software, better known now as living software. I've always worked with thought as an amorphous substance with no definite properties, always shaped by environmental factors. Dream generator is a misnomer really. The device did not manufacture dreams. It only guided the sleeping mind's creative will through an ambiguous and non-linear plot leaving the details up to the dreamer.

It was a toy; a fun project built to prove a theory. I never considered the dangerous repercussions such a tool could have and I suppose, looking back, that I should have been more skeptical when a representative of the Om Corporation contacted me about using the device for "recruitment". We were in negotiations for further development with their support when the machine disappeared. From that day it existed only in rumors and hearsay. Apparently and to no one's surprise the dream generator found its way into the hands of The Dwarf of Stapleton Market who had no idea of it's function or potential. He did, however, have a sixth sense for recognizing the value of his ill-gotten goods. When Terron, the daywalker showed up to liberate the device he ended up paying a pretty penny which kindled new theories on the device all through the market. Everyone from the temporal knights to the council of Set were linked by gossip to the mysterious machine. If only they had known it was a backyard garage trinket merely for my personal amusement. Some say that it was then destroyed, but I doubt the council could not conceive of some future use for it. There are still whispers in the market stalls that it may be hidden away in the remote FR6616 region.

I, however, continued my work using the dream generator as a prototype to develop more powerful tools like the U.T.N. and our research culminated in the presentation of the CyNex 8 neural network. Only then, only too late, did I realize that my creation was not my own and had in fact turned against me.

I miss those safaris into my mind which the dream generator lead me through each night in those early years and since its disappearance I've not dreamed at all.

-from the memoirs of Dr. Hilton Burmen

The dream generator

…maybe you knew all along

get down

Dreams of fire

5:00 am, Saturday
another floating moment in the
weekend sound track

4:oo am +=+ 6:00 am

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