To formally and prematurely end a high school or college education with little or nothing to show for it.

Also refers to one who "drops out".

See also: King High, Trad, University of South Florida
My Daughter is 17 years old and what most would call a drop out. I don't refer to her as that. In fact I say she graduated if anyone ask. Why? Because she is a fantastic kid.

The week she dropped out she went to enroll for her "GED". Passed the pretest with flying colors and was advised by her instuctor to stay home and sleep. The test was 3 weeks away and she would pass. Flying colors pass. And she did. Then went for her first "job interview". Has had 2 jobs for the last year.

Well it affect her "future"? Maybe. It may make her have to work harder. But only because "society" says a drop out has no future. I don't believe that.

A song created by NW260 for Dance Dance Revolution, first featured in DDR Solo 2000, but is now a very popular song in DDR 4th Mix. It is well known for being the fastest DDR song to date with a BPM of approximately 260.

Drop Out is mostly a techno/rave/hardcore/industrial song of some kind with plenty of bass to go around. A person can be heard screaming something into a megaphone near the beginning of the piece, with varying sirens and other industrial sounds featured in the background. The beat is a little strong, but goes well with the sound of feet impacting on the dancing platform. Unfortunately, this piece (in my humble opinion) isn't all that great to listen to by itself, however, dancing to it is a different story.

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