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oh my virgin; i feel i have forgotten. the rest.

really cool things:
Everything Quote Server II
Who to send presents to, and when.
word messer-upper
The alphabet is a playground
oblique strategies garden
everything document directory

♥ books ♥
franny & zooey*; the unbearable lightness of being*; 100 years of solitude*; brave new world; ariel; the fifth mountain*; catcher in the rye*; lolita*; delta of venus*; birthday letters; house of leaves*; alice in wonderland; the little prince*; the myth of sisyphus*; nine stories; on the road*; hamlet*; metamorphosis; the fountainhead*; love in the time of cholera; through the looking glass; charlie and the chocolate factory;

books I gotta read
/says me portrait of a lady; 1984; geek love; the bell jar; fear and loathing in las vegas; in search of schrodinger's cat : quantum physics and reality; the idiot; candide; antony and cleopatra; perfume; the doors of perception; nausea; the picture of dorian gray; survivor; the last unicorn; the powerbook; five photos of my wife; the wonderful story of henry sugar; 120 days of sodom; fictions; utopia;
/says michael n. tibetan book of the dead
/says milla jo. the tao of physics
/says flameboy space by stephen baxter
/phyllis says nadja;
/icicle says white noise

♥ people ♥
maynard james keenan; marilyn manson; pj harvey; bill hicks; milla jovovich; walt disney; rose mcgowan; bettie page; tim burton; angelina jolie; johnny depp.. hmm these are all brunettes. blondes, then ~ gwyneth paltrow, majandra delfino... dominique swain & kirsten dunst although she's incredibly dumb.

taking input for the “gotta see/read/whatever” lists. gimme gimme! media! (especially you.. pukesick)

♥ things ♥
skipping ropes; canaries; soda; tetris; my little pony; wonder; the last unicorn; parasols; watermelon; shapes; sacred geometry; macaroni & cheese; fizz; monty burns; francais; voices; trees; stargazing; sweaters; pinup girls; trances; mu; jackie o; spiders; people watching; ribbons; mensa; pop art; fasting; thunder; tangents; tea parties; surprises; kittens; sonic the hedgehog; lucid dreaming; snapdragons; pretty things; ruffles; sighs; pi; mint; hatboxes; dvds; jeanne d'arc; kites; jigsaw puzzles; jazz; hieronymus bosch; ice; grey; 2D; aliens; ballerinas; context; boats; cities; dimensions; dolls; etcetera; film noir; foetuses; cucumber sandwiches; fruits; sherbert; staples; pearls; syringes; tea candles; cirque de soleil; absolut vodka; climbing trees; dandelions; cirque de soleil; questions; picnics; thinking; lust lists; flutters; loops; libraries; bisexuals; inspector gadget cartoons; lampshades; unnecessary bandaids; jesus propaganda; bouncy balls; salads & lattes; howard roark; dominique francon; alchemy; degrassi high;
* means i own it, heehee

♥ wishlist ♥
through the looking glass; all the stuff on my gotta read/gotta see lists; (god i love lists); bill hicks' albums; love letters; mix-tapes; archie comics; filled notebooks (hint, hint~ noders); bumper stickers; a music box; vending machine rings; lindt chocolates; brooches; the simpsons; more friendly people; more people to like tool; a tea set; a road trip; tiny japanese stickers; a digital camera; tori amos dvd's; tool dvd's; books books books (preferably second hand or library copies with notes in the margins); photographs; perfume; subscription to french vogue; a harp; biographies; cookbooks; dr. seuss; johnny panic and the bible of dreams; firecrackers; lunchboxes; lipstick; lollipops; masques; thoughts; playboy bunny lingerie; nail polish; an easel; ruffled socks; picture books; drawings; fashion photography; independent films; intellectuals; philosophy; sylvia plath's unabridged journals; da vinci's notebooks; cheesy fawn figurines & the like from thrift stores; paper; music videos; quotes; alien propaganda; a tarantula; a venus fly trap; gum from other countries; pens & pencils; fresh flowers; fake jewels; silk sheets; jeanette winterson; hitchcock films; kubrick films; films!!; the city of lost children; kitsch religious figurines; a plastic pistol; a pistol like in the mexican; a telescope; or not to be: a collection of suicide notes; board games; anais nin; a book on sexual alchemy by donald tyson; notes from the underground; things by carl sagan; things by timothy leary; the stranger by camus; a spider plant; the last unicorn dvd or book;

lateralus is such beauty:

i embrace my. desire to. i embrace my. desire to. feel the rhythm, to. be connected. enough to step aside, and. weep like a widow, to. feel inspired, to. fathom the power, to. witness the beauty, to. bathe in the fountain, to. swing on the spiral. swing on the spiral. swing on the spiral, of. our divinity, and. still be a human.

"do you know what you will be asked when you die? but let me tell you first what you won't be asked. you won't be asked if you were working on a wonderful, moving piece of writing when you died. you won't be asked if it was long or short, sad or funny, published or unpublished. you won't be asked if you were in good or bad form while you were working on it. you won't even be asked if it was the one piece of writing you would have been working on if you had known your time would be up when it was finished--i think only poor Soren K. will get asked that. i'm so sure you'll get asked only two questions. were most of your stars out? were you busy writing your heart out? if only you knew how easy it would be for you to say yes to both questions. if only you'd remember before you sit down to write that you've been a reader long before you were ever a writer. you simply fix that fact in your mind, then sit very still and ask yourself, as a reader, what piece of writing in all the world buddy glass would most want to read if he had his heart's choice. the next step is terrible, but so simple i can hardly believe it as i write it. you just sit down shamelessly and write it yourself."
- franny and zooey

they never say to you, "what does his voice sound like? what games does he love best? does he collect butterflies?" instead, they demand "how old is he? how many brothers has he? how much does he weigh? how much money does his father make?" only from these figures do they think they have learned anything about him.
- le petit prince