<BookReader> Let's see: Monty Python's Holy Grail, Mike's Hard Crisp Apple, Blanche de Chambly , and La Fin du Monde. Maybe you should get help, Mr. Errant.

Hi. My name is Canuck-Errant, and I've been slightly buzzed since my last writeup. (And during this writeup, incidentally.)

It began innocently enough, I must say. "I need to do a few more w/us before I can ascend to level 2," I said to myself. "And I have some very nice beer here, a slightly obscure beer, and I wonder if it hasn't been noded yet..."

And so it began. I noded two beers that first night, with Blanche de Chambly and La Fin du Monde getting good votes and a few C!s. But it wasn't enough. After a week of racking my brain for another two node ideas, I decided to do more alcohol nodes. It was an everything2 tradition, I had been told, to beernode, albeit one that had apparently been allowed to fall into neglect by the older generation of noders. Beyond that, I suppose there was that old genetic predilection for alcohol, inherited from my father, and a speedy metabolism inherited from my mother - and the impression, mistaken or not, that - like Hemingway, perhaps? - I wrote better drunk.

And now I'm finding it difficult to stop. It's addictive, writing is. Alcohol is addictive, too. The combination, much to the woe of my liver, is all the more addictive. I'm not drinking much, of course - a college student can't afford massive amounts of beer, at least, not alone - but it's become a habit.

Alcoholic Noders Anonymous, anyone?

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