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This usergroup is for anyone interested in the discussion and documentation of religious topics on e2. If you'd like to join, drop Tiefling a line.

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The following are guidelines for the religion group's field of enquiry, discussion and noding:

  • World religions past and present, theistic and ethical
  • Theology of all kinds, including the theological perspectives of group members
  • The history of religion, and key figures within it
  • The future of religion, and current affairs in the religious sphere
  • Beliefs and practices such as atheism, agnosticism and humanism
  • Cults, sects, denominations, fellowships and other religious collectives
  • Religious texts and writings, including the possibility of creating one or more shared accounts to node material of this nature which is outside copyright
These are, of course, only guidelines. Two things we'd like to rule out from the group's intended activities, however, are prosyletising, and participating in the GTKY-style 'debate' nodes on topics such as creationism. Obviously nobody is going to appear with a big stick and hit any member who does write such a WU, but it's the small area of religion it might be wisest to leave be.

Venerable members of this group:

Noung$, Oolong@+, graceness, Tiefling, VT_hawkeye, Hatshepsut, Habakkuk, arieh, haze, aneurin, drownzsurf+, boi_toi, ocelotbob, Protective Samurai, elem_125, lara68, bipolarbear, Nero, teos, Hermes_wr, Giosue, Heschelian, darl, ac_hyper, bookw56, Two Sheds, LaylaLeigh, mr100percent, Tlachtga, WoodenRobot, Metacognizant, KGBNick, montecarlo, GaudeamusIgitur, Kurin, tinymurmur, Transitional Man, Shatner's Bassoon, Rikmeister, Wiccanpiper, Andrew Aguecheek, Diabolic, The Lush, LeoDV, Uri E Bakay, Maylith, Sarita, MCX, Bakeroo, Arviragus, Kit, mister_tillo, per ou, fortheloveofgod, Starless
This group of 55 members is led by Noung$