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- - this is how you appreciate good food, especially food that comes from an italian restaurant in Ottawa called il Poccolino. Having the savoury pasta dish, Liguria, was one of the best meal experiences in my life. I believe this one topped them all. It was a good portion of rotini pasta with the sweetest sundried tomatoes, pesto and savoury oils on thinnly sliced chicken breast. It took me over 30 minutes to finish the entree because: each chew, an eternity. I also let each bite roll around my tongue letting my tastebuds have a fabulous party! (This could also explain why most Europeans are thinner.)
The same courtesy went to the calamari that preceded the pasta.

Of course, this only happens when one is consuming good food. On meals like hot dogs and crappy fries, the objective is to consume as fast as humanly possible.

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