Eating dice is the role-player equivilant of an urban myth. It's what some mundanes seem to think role-players do with dice. Why else would they buy so many?

This term was officially coined in one of the earlier What's New? strips written and drawn by Phil Foglio and published in Dragon Magazine.

No, sorry to break it to you but there is a basis for this 'Urban Myth'. I refereed/DMed/GMed a number of games for a part timer who would absent mindedly suck on my d20s. As the game progressed and the tension mounted I would watch in horrified facination as the frequency of the sucking action increased until the inevitable moment of:

"Erruuup! Oh sorry mate, that was your dice right?"

This occured on many occasions. It may sound too strange to be true, but anything can happen in a gaming session, and it usually does.

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