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N-Wing says: I've started answering some of these questions on EDev FAQ. When I've answered everything I can, I'll /msg the edev group.

conform's stuff begins:

So there's been plenty of discussion via EDEV group /msgs about the creation of an EDEV FAQ, and I've decided that I want to test my edevify button. Itchy trigger finger and all that. So I'm going to start off with the stuff that I know that need to be in the FAQ, and then follow up with some thoughts about stuff I would like to see other people contribute to the FAQ, and people can go to town with their own WUs.

Preemptive musings on what being a member of edev gets you (thanks to donfreenut for taking the time to spell some of this stuff out for me yesterday):

First of all, the ability to do displaytype=viewcode in order to view the source of superdocs and the like, wihtout having to poke through your everything source collections. The easiest way to do this is look at the node you're interested in, go down to you edev nodelet and click the "view code" link. The link only appears on pages where it's relevant, though, so you won't see it if you're looking at a regular node.

On a related note, you'll get access to pages that other people don't. Specifically List Nodes of Type will work for edev'ers. Also "rights to htmlcode, htmlpage, dbtable, container, nodetype, nodelet and opcode nodetypes" (sez nate in Edev First Post!).

Another privledge/PITA is that you recieve edev messages in your inbox. Send those puppies via a "/msg edev blah blah perl blah". or "/msg edev? blah blah nate blah" to message only those edev'ers currently online.

The ability to throw your nodes into the edev nodelet with the edevify link that will appear in your Epicenter when you look at your own writeups.

Your username will show up with a '%' after it in the Other Users nodelet.

Now, what I want to know:

What is the background of edev and it's relationship to the development of the site/source? Has it traditionally been a subset of the gods group?

anotherone tries to answer: edev is a reletively new group. If you look back through the edev weblog, you can see a list of stuff we've done or suggested.

How do we go about finding tasks here? There is obviously a bug database here of sorts but the four or five relevant nodes i looked at (like Bugs (dbtable)) weren't very useful at all. If we have personal projects for the improvement of e2 (on which more in a minute) what is the appropriate way to get started? Should I verify that what I'm thinking of is useful, or should I make it work and then submit source patches?

And what do edev'ers want for the site? Old and new? Personally I joined edev because I'm interested (for the moment) on working on the theme implementation and I've got some ideas for nodelet UI improvements. What about you? (that's a little GTKY-esque, I know...)

anotherone tries to answer: I'm in the group because I like to take stuff apart, see how it works. Understand what's going on. I've had a few of my ideas implemented, and it was cool knowing that I'd dome something useful.

Does everybody pretty much maintain a their own everything site for hacking on? I'm in the middle of setting one up for myself. Is there sample data out there that we can import into our dbs?

anotherone tries to answer: I really doubt that more than a few users have their own everythings. Installation isn't easy, even assuming you've got a spare server lying around.

That's it for now. I'll add stuff as I think of it... Oh -- I'm creating this hidden, knowing that I'll edevify it as soon as it's up. Is that silly?

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