donfreenut says EDEV: When you send "this message" through Message Inbox, it'll say "You said this message." In the c-box it'll say "You said [bitch|this message]" This has always annoyed me, in the vaguest of ways. Anyone know why?

A bit of examination highlights the differences between a nodelet and a superdoc. Namely, the parsing of links. The chatterbox, in showchatter, has to explicitly turn the bracketed areas into links. This isn't done in chatterinfo. The change is simple; change line 15 of chatterinfo from:
15:     $str.='<font size="2"><i>'.$told."</i></font><br />\n";
15:     $str.='<font size="2"><i>'.parseLinks($told)."</i></font><br />\n";

Yes, I know I said it on the edev list. I just wanted it to not be missed when those with a power to fix things have to bulk-clear their /msgs.

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