Used by electric guitarists. A device that sits on the floor and has a button on it that you press with your foot to turn it on and off. When on, it will add a sound effect, such as delay or distortion, to your guitar tone.

Effects pedals digitally add sound variance to a guitar signal.

The company DOD makes a pedal called the GS30. It's a good pedal for a beginner to have.

  • Distortion:
      Fuzz-Medium gain and fuzz distort
      Grunge-High gain and channeling
      Metal-High gain and low end
  • >
  • Tone/Gate:
      High EQ
      Mid EQ
      Low EQ
      Gate Thresh-When a certain volume is being reached(from the guitar)it will turn all sound off.
  • Effect:
      Chorus-Moody reverb, mysterious.
      Ring Mod-Electronic ringing
      Pitch Bend
  • Delay and Reverb
    • Parameters:
        Delay Time

    Music term for a piece of equipment installed between the instrument (usually a guitar) and the amp to enhance or distort the sound. Examples of effect boxes are fuzzbox, distortion, overdrive, flanger, phaser, chorus, reverb, compressor, and many others.

    With modern DSP units, multi-effect boxes with two or more effects in one box have become more common.

    The term "effect box" was originally used for the small, foot-operated units used by guitar and bass players, but now the term also applies to rack-mounted equipment used for any kind of instrument.

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