Akin to George Wallace's "pointy-headed intellectuals", but with a different metaphorical shape. Eggheads are people who "think too much"; the term was coined in the 1952 US presidential campaign, to describe (bald) Democratic nominee Governor Adlai Stevenson - a smart, eloquent patrician, especially compared to the adman-created "Common Man" persona of his opponent, General Dwight Eisenhower. Ike was, at the time, president of Columbia University, IIRC, and no slouch at thinking.

Egghead was once a chain of software stores that could be seen in malls nationwide. The mascot for Egghead Software was Professor Egghead, an egg with a face, glasses, and a groovy mustache. In 1997 or so, they closed all their retail stores and started selling products exclusively online. They are now known as egghead.com, and Professor Egghead has retired. Marketing decided he isn't hip enough for the internet world.

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