Popular Middle Eastern Dish with No Standardised Name

Very tasty dish, goes well with anything. 2 medium eggplants yield a fair amount; bear in mind you'll put maybe 2 rounds inside a large sandwich.

Prepare some rounds

Wash eggplants; do not peel! Cut crosswise into ~15mm (~1/2inch) rounds. Put some salt and let stand for ~30minutes, to release moisture.

You now have a choice of 2 methods. The first is more traditional, takes longer, will either make you burn your kitchen or wish you had, and isn't really worth the effort. So do us all a favour and pick the second one, OK?

Coat with sauce

As you remove the eggplant rounds, arrange in a container and coat each layer with a tomato paste sauce or a yoghurt sauce.

Tomato paste sauce

Mix tomato paste, some olive oil (more as seasoning than as an ingredient!), and any of the following, to taste:

Yoghurt sauce

Mix yoghurt with any (or all) of the following, to taste:


Store in sealed contained inside a refrigerator (it will keep for a week, refrigerated properly). Serve cold or at room temperature.

Great with anything. Or prepare an "eggplant round sandwich" by putting an eggplant round inside a sandwich (smear lightly some mayonnaise on the bread, if you like).

ATTN English Speakers:

Yes, they're called aubergines, not eggplants. But let's just give those yanks a chance to taste some real food, instead of all that horrible McDonald's they eat 3 times a day.

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