The quality or state of being extremely egocentric. An egomaniac focuses on the ego at the expense of the id and the superego. This leads to selfishness prevailing over altruism. The egomaniac believes that the world exists for their personal advancement and gain alone. Their attempts to influence the outcome of any situation they encounter is governed by their own self-interest.

they tell me, "believe in yourself."

but sometimes it's too much. because the thing is, what if you believe in yourself so much, you become your own religion? what if you believe in yourself so much, dismiss all your faults as glories and embroider them lavishly, lavishly, whisper your brocades to the others....

but when you whisper, you shout.

and they believe you, and now you're god to all the girls and boys? and when you cringe and tell them you're nothing at all, you're Modest God to the girls and boys. you write details and give yourself new names of majesty they might hail you with. gardens of flattery are planted at your feet.

and egomaniacs merely become statues of their own self, a hundred, or a thousand feet high. who do you think you are in there, towering up, up, up where you do not belong?

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