Elevator Jumping: An Urban Recreational Activity

The act of jumping straight up just before an elevator stops at a floor. If timed correctly, the elevator will stop with you in mid-air, the floor will drop away and you will feel like you have jumping super powers.

The preferred direction of elevator travel is up. This way the inertia of your upward momentum will add to your leap. Jumping on the way down produces the opposite effect, and the accelerated impact can hurt, since your legs are not ready to land and you will be hitting the ground much faster than you would normally.

This activity is best done in an empty elevator, or when the elevator only contains people you know. Avoid crowded elevators as your trajectory might drift as the added altitude exagerates any deviations in your apogee. You could land on someone.

The faster the elevator, the better the jump. Pay attention to the height of the ceiling or you might hit it. While painful, hitting the ceiling should be considered a mark of achievement.

Also consider an escape plan. Most newer elevators have cameras, be aware that bored security guards might harass you.

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