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"To ellipt" is a formal term in the study of grammar (or syntax), meaning to omit one or more words from a sentence. It is a back-formation from the noun "ellipsis", meaning (in the context of grammar) the omission of words that would otherwise be required in a sentence. "ellipt" is a relatively recent word, and older texts would tend to use the verb "elide".

Example of ellipsis:

-- Are you the person who stole the sweets?
-- Yes, I am ^.
Here the caret (^) indicates where the noun phrase "the person who stole the sweets" is ellipted.

Example of use of the word "ellipt":

"The accusative of exclamation is best thought of as a figure of speech that ellipts, or leaves out, the verb that would, except for the impetuous impatience of the speaker, be spoken." -- http://latin.gal.ohio-state.edu/catiline/incat-i-notes.htm, 2001-11-07.

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