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A connection between two people, of a non-physical nature. A link which take years to grow deep, though they can also be felt almost instantaneously between two people - usually as a result of deep understanding or sometimes a mysterious identification.

It is a phenomenon that occurs when two individuals are on the same mental wave-length. Emotional bonds are born of trust and understanding.

Emotional bonds can be based upon friendship, love, or family. They can support us in times of need, or drag us into actions which feel obligatory.

Our emotional responses can sometimes be dictated by the depth of our emotional bonds. When you have an emotional bond with a person, the joy you feel with them is greater, and the pain far worse. To understand and trust a person means that if they hurt you, it will be harder for you to dismiss their actions. It also means that when they bring joy into your life, you can appreciate it more fully.

You can also bond emotionally to inanimate objects, such as goldfish ties. Of course there is generally a human related emotional bond behind the inanimate object emotional bond, but not always. I'm in love with trees. I feel an emotional bond to the cuban tree that lives in my room because I saved it from the evil clutches of planty death.

Also, I feel an emotional bond with the dead leaves strewn across the carpet in my room. And to the moon at times, and many other little things that really aren't very human'y at all.

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