essential oils are the concentrated extracts of plants and herbs. Many of them have magical or merely mental properties, such as aiding relaxation or stress relief. These are never to be injested. they can be worn as perfume if they are diluted in a neutral oil such as almond oil--in their pure state they are so concentrated they can 'burn' the skin, or cause massive irritation. The most common ways to use essential oils are in the bath/sauna, as a body oil or moisturizer (diluted only), in diffuser rings to perfume rooms, or as a spray mist diluted in water.

below is a list of essential oils and their properties that are listed on e2. please /msg me with additions to this list:
uses, where known are denoted as such:
M = spray mist
D = diffusion
B = bathtub
L = massage oil/lotion
S = steam/sauna room.

Making Herbal preparations - Infused oils
tea tree oil
patchouli oil
neroli M, B, L
Vetivert D, B
Mimosa M, L
Rosewood D, B, L, S
Mandarin M, D, S
ImmortelleL, S
Neroli M, B, L
Fir M, D, B, S
lavender D, B, L
clary sage M, B, S
petitgrain M, D, L, S

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