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As I grow, from adolescence to adulthood, I'm beginning to notice that everyhing is a system. An ongoing repetition of sameness.

Starting from a small organism, such as myself, and looking at the big picture, our solar system, everything is a system.

My life is a system. My work, school, my days, relationships are all systems creating what is my life. Hell, even my life in general is a system. My work consists of doing business related email, everyday. I also check and recheck the accounting books, everyday. I go and work on slashdot, everyday. School gives me homework and I do it... School itself is a system. This is over simplifying, but school has two semesters, every year. My days: I wake up, I work, I go to school, and a go to sleep, everyday. Relationships were a system in my life, and probably will be again, someday. My relationships would start off well. Then, Conflict would enter the relationship and if the conflict was fixable, the relationship would continue. The relationship would then go back to 'normal'. Of course another conflict would attack the relationship, and the system would continue. The system continues until a conflict unfixable approaches (for more see dating someone who cheats on you).

Larger organisms, such as institutions or businesses are systems. A company has a life, much like us. It starts out, learns, grows, hits its prime, reaches conflict, resolves conflict or dies.

Movies are systems. A movie has a beginning a middle and an end. Every movie, every book has to begin and end somewhere.

...So do we.

Our lives are systems. We've started, somewhere. Our lives have to end, somewhere. Can't this be translated to everything?

Using this rational, it can only be assumed that even our world, our universe, has to end... somewhere.

Everything has to end, somewhere.



This node, it had to end, somewhere...

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