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Many roller coaster enthusiasts covet an exclusive ride time, or ERT. Roller coaster clubs, such as American Coaster Enthusiasts (ACE), generally use this to describe a period of time when members are the only ones allowed to ride a particular roller coaster or thrill ride. The ERT time period mainly occurs before and after operating hours but there are many occasions when it will occur during the day for a particular hour. Park employees also have some access to ERTs as well as participants at various roller coaster conventions. (Yes, we do have those. Even worse is we have tons of them)

A singular example, out of a multitude of possibilities, would be in 2001 when Paramount’s Kings Dominion (PKD) gave its season pass holders an ERT for Volcano. From 10:00 AM until opening, the holders had their exlusive rides. Furthermore, unlike most ERTs, this one existed every day, excluding Saturdays, for approximately one month.

Many parks when giving ERTs, especially to roller coaster groups, will try to prepare the coaster in prime shape as to cultivate very positive trip reports (TRs). Coaster riders with an ERT to do what any good g-force loving rider should do: cram as many rides as humanly possible into the confined period. If you are a casual rider and park visitor: refrain from holding your breath for your ERTs, they are unlikely.

If you dive into the world of roller coaster obsession: seek them, covet them, and dream of precious ERTs, and occasionally, actually get some.

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