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. . . It's all conceptual art . . . What happens when you hold a mirror up to the city's mysteries and try to fathom the depth and complexity of the reflection? What goes through your mind as you move through the geometric fray of contemporary hypermediated life's frequency drenched landscape? These were questions that went through my mind as we worked on this project. The notes that accompany this text are only available on-line. They may be quoted, recontextualized, remixed, and recast, however anyone desires. Quotations, notations, denotative and connotative meaning The sounds for "The Quick and the Dead" were generated by the landscapes and cultural environments of several cities but, following the logic of the collaboration, the elements were blurred beyond recognition in the process of composition. They, like the music, are merely a reflection of a reflection of a reflection. Polysemic. Polyphrenic. No beginning, no ending. Thoughts without end, that is the world, with these mixes, that I hope to send.

Tones and phones, poems and drones>cd>goto> .panegyric/polyptych>cd:dir>indexical/reflexion.... geopolitics of frequency dispersion, necessitates reflexive environmental engagement> Lucy Lippard's "Dematerialized Object" de-scripted voices, re-contextualized, phonetic-dissemination. Mel Bochner> conceptual art as post-serialist sculpture - conceptual art as functional unit. Mood sculpture. If culture of the dérive (functional yet continuously variable) implies psycho-geographic memetic flux, then post- dérive milieu is one of continuous, seamless, suspension of disbelief. Use your eyes to hear and your ears to see, thus the concept becomes reality. Adrian Piper's conceptual engagement with process (modular remix 2000): "To me, people who complain about the "anti-humanism" of conceptual art are missing the point," she wrote back in her 1967 essay "A Defense of the "Conceptual" process in art." "Any kind of objectivity - whether it is in the formulation of a concretized system, a rational decision-making method, conceptual clairty - can serve only to facilitate the final emergence, in as pure a form as possible, of the artistic idea, which is almost always intuitive in nature. It is only when one subordinates the original intuition to the subjective distillations and limitations of one's own personality that one need be finally confronted with a kind of mirror image of one's egotistical conflicts as an end product" (Adrian Piper, Out of Order, Out of Sight)

floating above the city: waves, frequency bursts, packets of distilled information distributed through out the spectrum of all communications devices What sounds to make? What voices to hear? A series of postulates - all utterly intuitive - of devices trained and programmed and sequenced with this environment in mind. The urban landscape as invisible centrifuge for the bio-machinic processes of a culture that has been consumed by its communications devices. Human and inhuman: the blur is the kinesthetic impulse of electro-modernity codes and modes, tasks and masks, distributed networks, nets and bets. An archive of all that we have said and done, adrift in the density the search for the meta-pattern acts as a cipher translation. Unlock the differential, and perhaps another form of communication can be seen: Technologos is therefore remembering, and not only habit. It's self referential capacity, reflection in the usual sense, 'critical' reflection if you like, is excercised by remembering its own presuppositions and implications as its limitations. And by the same token, the technologos opens up the world of what has been excluded by its very constitution, by the structures of its functioning, at all levels. This is how new denotative linguistic structures are invented: arithmetic, geometry, analysis. This is how science is generated, the sciences, as a process of conquest of the unknown, of experimentation beyond cultural experience, of complexification of the logos beyond the received technologos of breaching. This is the process I am calling "scanning." Jean François Lyotard, "Logos and Techne, or Telegraphy" taken from "The Inhuman: Reflections on Time"

repetition: "Urbanism as will and representation"(International Situationist #9): "Modern capitalism - concetrated and highly developed capitalism - inscribes onto the scenery of life the fusion of what used to be opposed as the positive and negative poles of alienation: a sort of equalizer of alienation. One's obligatory stay there is supervised by an increasingly preventive police. The new cities are laboratories of this stifling society: from Véllingby in Sweden to Bessor in Israel where all forms of leisure are to be united in one single center, without forgetting the housing project in Anvilés that signals the neo capitalist development now reaching Spain. Simultaneously, the disappearance of the "urban jungle" that corresponds to free market capitalism - in all its lack of comfort, its luxury, and its adventures - continues apace. The center of Paris is radically restructured by the organization of automobile traffic: the quays transformed into highways, place Dauphine into an underground parking garage. This in no way precludes the complementary tendency to restore a few old urban spots as sites of touristic spectacle, a simple extension of the principle of the classical museum by means of which an entire neighborhood can become a monument. Administrative bureaucracies of all sorts construct everywhere buildings suited to their taste. At Canisy, this even includes the administration of a new activity that, despite its enormity, can be sold at a premium like all the charlatanry that responds to all lacks: the specialists of generalization"

cd>dir>funcntion<(x)agent>goto>systemic/synedoche/ goto>methodology: voices collected from detritus of wave frequencies, urban/nonspecific. Record process>goto>dismemberment of vocal apparatus, derpersonalized, non recognizeable. Distortion of all aspects of functional communication, linguistic entropy>cd:dir>result>aphasia>fugue/figurative/non-figurative/interpl ay/interpol ation

architectural/uncanny/intuition of formative culture/frequency> mode>text/open> new forms, new functions>cd:dir://http>mood scultpure for the Combine Generation. text ends here>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

-By Paul D. Miller a.k.a. Dj Spooky that Subliminal Kid (2/4/00)

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