A way of communicating through glances, eye-rolls and, sometimes, head positions. It is a very subtle form of speaking, often hilarious. Normally you have to be quite close to the person with which you're communicating, otherwise eye messages can be misinterpreted. If you're an eye language linguist, however, you can tell someone who is receptive anything you're thinking, (within reasonable boundaries), with one glance. Talking in eye language often results in the giggle loop.

There are several different forms (depending on the situation) of basic eye language:

The Disgusted Glance
Usually tossed over the head or behind the back of the person with whom you're disgusted, sometimes a blatant eye roll.

The I'm Going to Laugh Glance
Usually accompanies a restrained smile.

The Look-At-That Glance
Used to call someone's attention to something you've noticed, this is accomplished by first catching your partner's eye and then quickly looking at something particular several times. Often followed by an I'm Disgusted or I'm Going To Laugh glance.

The OMG stare
Communicates silent surprise.

The I Know Exactly What You're Thinking Look
By far the most likely to make you laugh, this is a simultaneous glance at each other that says "we're on the same wavelength. I KNEW it!"

There are, of course, many variations on and combinations of these five basic eye sentences. They open up a world of subtle communication that, as I devoutly hope, may one day lead to sharpened psi perception and telepathy!

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