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You know, I thought I knew just about every part of the human body that could be pierced. Not that I'm big on anatomy or anything, but when I first got into body piercing I had that initial obsessive kick of interest that signals a new area of enthusiasm and I looked around. There was the obvious, and the not-so-obvious (anal piercing!?), but it pretty much all made sense - you've got some decently thick and strong flesh, and you stick a hole in it and dangle pretty little metal toys from it. But this, I'm not interested, I don't understand, I might even disapprove.

Eyelid piercing. Yeah. Try hanging a nice little captive bead ring off your eyelid. I can't imagine how it would heal considering how thin the eyelid is, and more importantly I can't imagine how one would deal with having something rubbing on your eye, but apparently I'm just being close-minded/not imaginative enough, because it's been done. More than once, apparently. Since I wouldn't believe someone who told me this, photo proof is available at http://www.waycool-yonge.com/florida/7.jpg

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