painful, rain drips from a vine, fear
slides down my throat 
to the top of a bottomless pit
the bottom of an endless moon
that falls when you
close your eyes
only to reappear 
as your lids lift, splice
the sky with a star
or two that 
you create because
you don't like a
meaningless sky of 
black that shades
my eyes, i care not
for a light, such penetrating
i want only to feel a 
warmth that you alone can force into
my heart is fading faster
than the short time we've
left on a planet that didn't
want us here in the first place
but we thrust our lives
filled with greed and
jaded ignorance
upon an unsuspecting
universe that tries desperately
to hold in the perversity
of lost loves, fallen angels and
oh, how poetic
the ever slow-dying compassion
for little broken humans who
cry blue tears and die with
black, cold hearts that could
have been warmed, saved by a 
few sweet, gentle words from
you, who would sooner 
lose themselves in dark
thought than come to
the aid of a soul flailing around
helplessly, clinging to
false hope for something
better than the empty
nothingness that fills
a weak but still
achingly beautiful
if i could 
be that for everyone i would
never think of myself again just 
so that i could simply be, for 
every lost little child that
cries for a dead mother
every lover that longs for an
unattainable understanding
and every hopeless romantic who
discovers that the loves they create
are no more than a
paradoxical, glorious fiction
based solely on false love and
i would hold every empty
lonely hand and lend my shoulder
to fix the broken ones but
you broke them.. and this is
not my mess to clean up, not this time
so i leave them here at your thought'y doorstep
as you once left me, before you
became so absorbed in
your own little worldly lies

love them like you could not love me
(or yourself)

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