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Webster's defines falderal as a "useless ornament", but I always thought the word referred to any kind of detritus or junk, especially detritus or junk that’s in your way.

"Gee, I can't find my pen because my desk is covered with all this falderal," I might say. (Well, I mean, I wouldn't actually say that, but if I was to use the word that's how I'd use it.)

The only place I’ve heard falderal used recently is in the They Might Be Giants song "Metal Detector:"
"Look past the volleyball… look past the squawking gull… ignore the mountain of discarded falderal."
TMBG seem to share my definition -- and who knows more about words, dictionary guys or geek bands? (Although, Webster’s also defines faldelral as a nonsense refrain, so I guess the jury’s out.)

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