Someone (usually a male) who admires "fat" females. Fat admirers typically enjoy the rounder and softer bodies that larger women have to offer.

Fat admirers are a rather complex group of people who exhibit several of the following behaviors
  • They can prey on BBWs or BHMs because they feel that because of their weight with the mindset that the heavy person is desperate for attention and will be an easy target for a quick score
  • They can grow to be quite abusive as the relationship progresses. Controlling the plump person using their fat as a weapon on the persons self-esteem and maintaining control.
  • Some are married individuals looking for a person who is so insecure that they will not spill the beans and remain quiet about the relationship.
  • Closet admirers who refuse to publicly be seen with a person of size but want a relationship.
  • Fetishism where the weight of a person makes them sexually more attractive
But many are very accepting people who simply enjoy being with a person who is voluptuous.

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