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A longish, whip-like appendage of sperm, protozoa and the like...aids in locomotion.

Fla*gel"lum (?), n.; pl. E. Flagellums (#), L. Flagella (#). [L., a whip. See Flagellate, v. t.]

1. Bot.

A young, flexible shoot of a plant; esp., the long trailing branch of a vine, or a slender branch in certain mosses.

2. Zool. (a)

A long, whiplike cilium. See Flagellata.


An appendage of the reproductive apparatus of the snail.


A lashlike appendage of a crustacean, esp. the terminal ortion of the antennae and the epipodite of the maxilipeds. See Maxilliped.


© Webster 1913.

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