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As done onstage by Gibby Haynes of the Butthole Surfers:

One high-hat, top half removed;
One hand, hairless
One cigarette
One lighter
One felt mallet
One wet towel (optional)
One six-pack of rubbing alcohol

With hand over cymbal, pour alcohol over hand and light hand and pool of alcohol in cymbal. Pour more alcohol over hand. Light cigarette with flaming hand. Enjoy. Snuff hand out in towel if painful (if not hairless, the hairs act as a wick). While puffing away, pour remainder of bottle on the cymbal pyre. Puff some more...

Wha-bam! whack the cymbal with the mallet, causing the previously tepid alcohol flame to form a 16 feet pillar in the air. Repeat, repeat, repeat!

DO NOT try this at home without sober adult supervision. And GO OUTSIDE.
On a smaller scale, you can dip your thumb into a bottle of rubbing alcohol (also known as isopropanol or isopropyl alcohol), shake the bottle, remove your thumb, and then light it.

The alcohol is very volatile, meaning the liquid evaporates quickly. So quick, in fact, that the flames are burning the alcohol vapors, not the liquid, and the evaporation is cooling your skin.

The flame is small enough that when you DO feel the heat, you can blow out your thumb like a candle.

Do NOT try ethyl alcohol, as it burns much hotter. Weaker isopropyl varieties (less than 70% by volume concentration) will not burn very well.

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