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At Centrum's Voiceworks week, I take a class about performing and how to handle fear, anxiety, stage fright, hecklers and applause.

Ruthie is talking about applause and that it's often difficult to accept compliments, too.

"Yes, one way to handle it is when you walk off stage you say 'Fooled them again'." she says.

I like that a lot. Clinic can feel that way too: I try to give equal weight to compliments and complaints, because otherwise one gets a swelled head. I took my flute to Voiceworks and jammed some in the Blues classes. People came up and said, "I really liked the flute."

But I haven't jammed in years and I suck, I'd think. Or, maybe flutes don't jam much. I would smile and thank them.

And think: fooled them again.

Centrum's Voiceworks: http://centrum.org/programs/voice-works
Berkely Breathed: http://loac.idwpublishing.com/ha-fooled-them-again/


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