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For Jennifer
by Edward Hammerbeck

I found a dollar bill on the street
On my way home from work tonight.
I guess it reminded me that
Our anniversary was today.
So I put it with another dollar I had
And bought us a bottle of wine.
To celebrate, you know.
I was very excited.
Then I remembered that you work late tonight
And you are always tired
When you get home late.
The doctor said you couldn't drink anyway
Because you're sick.
I forgot about all that.
Well, wake me when you get home tonight.
I want to wish you happy anniversary.
I'll be downstairs with the wine
Or maybe I'll see you in the morning.

I wrote this for a girl, not named Jennifer, that I had a terrible crush on. It wasn't meant to be, and this poem was me imagining what life would have looked like had we stuck together. Not a very pretty picture, but then again, neither was our relationship.

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