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Freeriding is a relatively new style of fast pace, do whatever, go where ever, get as much air as possible style of mountain bike riding. It has become extremely popular in America’s youth and Canadians alike. Freeriding combines all forms of biking into one. You have the agility of a trials rider, the speed of a downhiller, and the tricks and knack for going big on jumps of a bmx rider. The freeride bikes have two suspension forks that allow you to go big off of a jump and land relatively smooth, and a beefy frame to take all of the jolts and crashes that come with the sport.

All of the main hot spots can be found in British Columbia. The North Shore, The Kamloops, Vancouver, Wistler… just to name a few. Here in the U.S. we are less developed with a few trails here and there, but still short of what the Canadians have.

Freeriders like to pick a path that goes where only eagles dare, such as a straight line off of a 30 foot bluff, or bombing across a six inch wide ladder 10 feet up in the air. Freeriders are famous for their ladder trails that are built high and skinny, with see saws, and jumps. They have so much skill and finesse, in order to ride the trails that they have built. They ride so liquid smooth that you easily get addicted to watching their every move with your jaw dropped to the floor. Some of the most skilled freeriders of today are: Wade Simmons, Thomas Vanderham, Josh Bender, Richie Scheley, Andy Shandro, Brett Tippie, Robbie Bourdon, Dave Swetland, and countless more. These riders have been featured in dozens of films such as: Kranked, Shift, Down, Torque, New World Disorder, The Second Coming, Chain Smoke, and many more amateur films. You can find free clip downloads of these films and order them at www.radicalfilms.com and www.justpushplay.com.

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