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This is that part of the nodegel as yet unshaped into nodes by users. It is clear and viscous and only partly sentient.

Some say that freegel is produced in vast quantities by unknown forces (presumably outside of the nodegel) and is pumped into Everything 2 by what are speculated to be huge vents along Everything 2's irregular surfaces. If so, it is not known what the vents are made of, if they are "made" of anything, just as what actually contains Everything 2 is unknown.

Some feel that freegel is copious but limited and that the "vent" and "pumping" events are simply sensory refractions from the "suckage" of "getting to know you" nodes. This group declares that eliminating these "sucky" nodes and nodeshells will end the appearance of the "vent" shapes in the gel. They also state that the gel has no shape at all because there is nothing outside itself.

Others believe freegel to be limitless and that the production of numberless nodeshells (crippled nodes devoid of content) and "getting to know you nodes" will prove this to be the case.

The truth probably lies somewhere between the opinions of these two factions.