No one I know has heard of these mythical things, and typically refuse to believe in the concept. But they do exist. I was working at a IT consulting joint when a coworker got these as a side dish from a local eatery and I got to swipe some.

All these things are is normal whole/uncut dill pickles (round lengthwise, most jarred grocery pickles are cut into quarters) that are sliced into little disks and fried. They look like fat potato chips when done. Typically served with dipping sauce, though I couldn't figure out what it was. Yummy.... the warm fattening crisp of fried food and cold tangy flavor of pickles. Suprisingly they reheat rather well, unlike french fries, nachos or other such fodder.

I made these at my house some weeks ago. Well, a roommate did. We were actually done frying some other foods and fried up some dill pickles with the leftover oil and breading. They were great, however they were slightly soggy. I'm pretty sure this can be fixed by using whole pickles and drying the slices a little before frying them.

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