A frosty mug is a simple device which can be used to smoke various types of cigarettes. As the name implies, the element from which you actually smoke is a thick mug that's been in the freezer for some time. Your mug should preferably be made of glass (it looks cooler), have a handle (so you don't warm up the mug), and be very thick (stays cold longer). Additionally, you will need a cigarette and a cigarette holder with a stem as long as the mug is deep.

Once your mug is sufficiently frozen, spark up the cigarette, place it in the holder and smoke it until you've developed a healthy cherry. Now place the holder in your mouth backwards with the burning cigarette inside your mouth (yeah, watch the tongue). Now blow through the cigarette holder until a thick smoke is coming out the other end. Carefully insert the end into frosty mug and continue blowing smoke (softly) into the mug until it fills up to the top. Provided you are able to do so with out much turbulence, the cold air in the mug will keep the smoke inside.

Now simply tilt the mug back and enjoy as if you were enjoying a fine pint of Guinness (well, if slamming = enjoying to you anyway). While not quite as potent as bongs or vaporizers, what stoner has ever been accused of efficiency? Besides, frosty mugs make for great party fun, and when photographed can be quite mysterious without actually be incriminating.

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