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not skinny or bony; rounded and curvy in shape. Sometimes used as a polite or affectionate term for a "fat" woman.

The term often applied to any woman who is a size 12 or up. Often thought to mean fat, it does not imply that in any manner. There are quite a few women who are not naturally skinny as a beanpole, and aren't willing to become anorexic to try and fit into those tiny sizes.

The fascination with models and supermodels has caused the association between full-figured and fat, due to thinking that it's normal to be that tiny.

Many women can end up in that range just by being at their ideal body weight, showing how skewed the perception of the average female body really is.

Recently, there's been some effort to make women accept their bodies better, and realize that there's nothing wrong with being a slightly larger size, and better clothing is being designed and marketed.

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