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A psychiatric institution; however, the term "funny farm" is usually considered derogatory.

Webcomic by Ryan Smith about the strange adventures of the inhabitants of a rural boarding house. It's set in a strange universe where most main characters are anthropomporphics with the rest of the world being human. The landlords are Ront, the mature business student dog, and Mewn, the immature Transformer-addicted cat. The various tenants are Gulius, the bitter salariman duck, Flink, the naive woman magnet pig, Boe, the muscled chef sheep and Mileena, a sophisticated yet sheltered bird. Other frequent visitors are Mavis Buckey, Mewn's human love interest and apparent secret agent, Pomeroy, Ront's younger brother and a sex-obsessed college student (How unrealistic!), Pete, a blackhooded shotgun-wielding maniac, and Emperor PC, the megalomaniac ruler of Denmark, now titled Siliconopolis.

The humor and art was sophomoric at the beginning, but has increased incredibly. While the art is cartoonish, it's appealing, and the humor is definitely worth it. It's not high art or a masterpiece of comics, but it's amusing and fairly constantly entertaining. It's all about interpersonal relations, and Ryan Smith comes up with repeated amusing looks at various topics. One nice thing about the strip is the clean nature of the humor - swearing is represented as hash marks, violence is restrained and sex is discrete. There's comedy instead of merely shock value.

The strip may be found at www.funnyfarmcomics.com

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