Gender bender is in a bite the heads off bats mood.

However, s/he has to go to work and it would be prudent to be dressed.

Clothes are useful in that they remind herm that patients are not bats, well, some are out there, but that anyhow s/he should not bite their heads off.

S/he goes girly, of course, since girls are "nice". Patients will respond like pavlov's dogs, oh, pretty spring colors, retro long pale green linen skirt, chinese jacket with embroidered flowers, flats because s/he falls off heels when in a truly evil mood. Unbalanced. Imbalanced. Out of balanced. Hierm inner angel appears to be on vacation.

No underwear. There are no candidates to get into hierms pants anyhow, so why underwear? S/he applies an iron man temporary tattoo to herms inner upper left thigh, another reminder not to SMASH a la HULK. Delicate girly flats, Heysues onno couple sticks, this gender shit makes hierm insane.

Gender bender packs a lunch, grabs keys, cell phone, gender confusing leather back pack and is out the door. Considers retro muscle car, but goes with the wussy rebel against the subaru black box Scion. There. Ready to work. S/He hopes someone yells at hierm so s/he can yell back. It's always fun to match volume with no emotion: confuses and defuses all at once.

And Gender bender decides. Too much stress. Time to get a pro to help hierm with the stress: back to martial arts. S/he longs to hit and kick. Let's do it in an appropriate setting. Yeah, it will cost money but who gives a damn? What is money for, anyhow?

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