We don't concentate on real problems. Many of us feel the need to get mixed up in the exact meaning of a word or phrase. While exact meanings are important we shouldn't forget that the general point that someone is trying to make is the most important thing. So often a person that is tyring to say something gets slammed for incorrect spelling, grammar or innappropriate choice of words when the meaning is what matters. Don't get sucked into an argument on semantics, it will be just another step backwards away from the solution. The solution being all of us communicating freely, building on each others experience and growing as people. Certainly now more than many other periods in history corrporations love to help distract you away from real problems and have you get caught in loops of argument that lead nowhere.
This is also true when it comes to someone else's beleif's or taste in culture. Don't let the silly transient things get in the way of that connection.

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