Going with the flow - ah, what a beautiful concept! This idea can be expressed best in three ways: (1) Water. Water obviously goes with the flow, since it goes around any obstacles and, if it can't go around, patiently builds itself up without too much trouble and goes over the obstacle. (2) Fire. Less flexible than water, Fire is an example of aggressively going with the flow, a seeming contradiction until you realize that almost anything you stick in a fire will heat up at the same time that the flames move around the object. (3) Wind. To go with the flow in this case means letting water have it's way, fire have it's way, and STILL getting done what you need. This is related to the Natural Order of things, as well as the two versions of the five-element theory.

We were six miles from Corpus Christi, belting down the dirty coast road. The towering thunderheads were rolling out into the Gulf, purple giants against the orange sky. The dust was scouring what was left of the flaking green paint off the Galaxie. She looked me straight in the eye and said "You know we don't matter anymore. Nothing does."

I knew she was right. It didn't matter. Nothing did. I stared back at her for a long time, locking our eyes up. The road burned past while we twined our gazes up together, twist-ties on all the garbage we had seen over the years. The black book she stole from her Daddy rolled across the backseat when we pulled the U turn. Tired tires howled with blacktop passion.

When you have no place to be, everywhere is where you belong. She laughed like a little girl with an arm full of kittens. I smiled and leaned way back in the passenger seat.

Let's go baby.

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